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Q: Why does AdNeutralizer require Notification Access?

A: The permission is required for AdNeutralizer to be able to function properly. AdNeutralizer intercepts the constant spam notifications your device might be receiving.

Q: Can you read my notifications?

A: NO. Even the blocked notifications, which you can view inside AdNeutralizer, are never sent anywhere, ever. We are not interested in your notifications, only blocking malicious spam.

Q: Can I view the blocked notifications?

A: Yes, If you wish to see what has been filtered out lately, go to the settings page and tap on “Notification Block Log”. The log is automatically cleared periodically.

Money-Back Guarantee
We're so confident that you won't want to leave AdNeutralizer, we'll give you your money back if you do. No questions asked

During the first 30 days, if you decide AdNeutralizer isn’t for you, we’ll refund your subscription fees in full. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re so confident that you’ll be pleased with our services:

For full information on our Refund and Cancellation Policy including how to cancel please click here

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